From Pastor Nathaniel Haney


For several years now, I have watched as a shift has taken place in the theology of many Oneness Pentecostals. Progressively they have moved away from the belief in the literal fulfillment of apocalyptic writing, to the point of embracing the teachings of replacement theology. Within academic circles the term is supersessionism, which is the core of covenant, dominion and devotional theologies. The basis of this belief is that the church is the “New Israel” which has replaced national Israel. This leads to the belief that the covenants made to the patriarchs are only spiritual in nature and are fulfilled in the church apart from the Jewish people. These teachings reject the God-given rights and covenants of ethnic Israel, all of which will be fulfilled in the millennium. As a result, these beliefs allow people to find any meaning they so desire in Scripture, rather than letting God’s word speak in truth. Thus they become the final say as to what the Bible declares, instead of God Himself.

It is for this purpose that I have launched I am committed to providing teachings, preaching, articles, along with Q&As and other materials, to God’s people, so they may be able to defend their faith in matters of eschatology.

Pastor Haney



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